Matt Hogan

musical director, lead-guitar, & back-up vocals
Hometown: Long Island, NY

Matt Hogan started playing guitar over 15 years ago when his Father (also a guitar player) taught him his first two chords and introduced him to the likes of Johnny Cash, John Denver and the Everly Brothers. But it wasnt until Matt saw Steve Vai in concert that he really got into rock music and became a die-hard guitarist.

Ultimately Matt received a degree in Music from The State University of New York. Throughout his schooling, Matts found he was most at home during the time that he was practicing and/or taking lessons with his guitar teachers who included Rich Kern, Dave Fiuczynski, and John Petrucci. It was the sanctuary that he found with his mentors that inspired him to impart the knowledge they gave him to his own students when he began teaching over 5 years ago.

Some of the Artists that Matt has been influenced by include, in no particular order, everything from Van Halen to The Beatles to Credence Clearwater and even some of the newer bands like Story of the Year. Ive seen Story of the Year live at both The Downtown in Long Island and on Taste of Chaos at Continental Arena in New Jersey, and their live show is killer.

Matts accomplishments are many, but he cites his most memorable as being the first time he ever played in front of his family, as well as having played in front of thousands of people when opening for a variety of well-known Artists ranging from Dave Mathews Band to Snoop Dog.

When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, Matt stumbled before answering, The truth is, I never do anything else. Im never really NOT doing music. If Im not playing, teaching, or practicing, Im either going to see a band with friends, online looking at guitar websites, or sleeping.

There is no doubt that Matt is a consummate professional in the field of music considering that, in addition to playing guitar in ScarlettsWeb, he is also a guitar teacher to many students, a Session/Studio Guitarist at various studios, a Song Writer, a Music Director, and has recently appeared playing the guitar on National Television.

The passionate musician and dedicated teacher really came out in Matt when he was put on the spot to answer what he learned from and hopes to communicate with his music: What you put into it, you get out of it