vocals & some guitar
Origin: New York, NY

Scarlett, also known as "Crash", is hard to mistake for anything other than a performer with her neon-red streaked hair and trademark camo-boots. She has been involved in an array of musical endeavors since she was 6 years old – having tested the diverse grounds of everything from performing in musicals and operatic productions (such as Sweet Charity and The Magic Flute) to her preferred moments of singing along at the top of her lungs to the likes of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Guns 'n Roses, Rush & Iron Maiden as she made her way down the ski-slopes - Scarlett made the decision to pursue music as her life's endeavor when she was only 14 years old and has never looked back.

Scarlett has trained with various vocal coaches such as Seth Riggs, Dr. David Fairchild and, who she likes to call, her "Fairy Godmother" Melissa Cross. Her first instrument was the violin at the age of 6 and she has also dabbled in the clarinet and the piano. She has been playing guitar since she was 17 and has been furthering her skills with her friend and fellow band-mate, Matt Hogan. Scarlett’s self professed goal as a musician and as a person is to reach as many people as possible… to her, music is a vehicle for contacting people on another lever: “Whatever style it is… that’s what music is all about: communication. And I really don’t believe it should be seen as a one-way street. There is nothing better than seeing or hearing the audiences’ responses to what we are communicating.”

As is to be expected, Scarlett’s decision to join the world of rock and roll was wrought with obstacles and difficult decisions. While Scarlett did manage to graduate a year early from school as an A-Student, she also holds the record for absenteeism. At 15 Scarlett received a grant for winning a national music competition by Young Audiences Educational Foundation, and at 16 she made the decision to turn down a major-label recording contract offer to record pop music in order to follow her real passion for the stronger and gutsier styles of rock music.

“To be honest, I don’t really think I knew what I was getting myself into. I mean, I certainly knew that this whole thing wasn’t going to be easy and, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change one decision I’ve made. I just don’t think I realized how much was going to be entailed.”

Tackling the hard road of being a female in the rock world and getting her band through to success, Scarlett has not only had to hone her skills as a Performer, Musician and Songwriter, but has had to learn and become accomplished on a professional level as a Graphic Artist, Recording Engineer and Producer, Messenger, Self-Defense Master, Designated Driver, Film Editor, Video Director and Producer, Budget Coordinator, Props Coordinator, Set Designer, Grip and PA, Paralegal, Fund-Raiser, Promoter, Script Writer, Photographer, Schedule Coordinator, Web Designer and Programmer, Merch Designer, professional Make-up Artist, Stuntwoman, Secretary, PR Consultant, Stylist, Clothing Designer, Tour Manager, Roadie, Psychologist… and has had to become a den-mother, first-aid and hangover specialist – at all times carrying in her purse all of the necessities required for her band: including Band-Aids, rubber bands, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, Bufferin, Rolaids, guitar strings, trail mix, a kapok, screw driver, wire cutter guitar picks, pens, lighters, paper, hair gel, gum, set lists, cds, bottle openers, maps, AAA card, list of local hospitals and 24-hour pizza places, crazy glue, condoms, toothpaste, floss, and cigarettes (four brands).

“No seriously, I really do have all that junk in my bag...” Scarlett explained offering to show me her purse “…After awhile it really got old having to run out and get something each time someone needed…whatever they needed...”

As if her list of accomplishments isn’t extensive enough, Scarlett also works as a Bartender, Actress, Voice-Over Artist, and is working part-time towards her degree at Fordham University. In whatever time she manages to find, she enjoys hockey, dance, has competed extensively in Hunter-Jumper Equestrian Events, football, and loves to participate in any sort of high-risk endeavor such as bungee jumping or performing the helicopter stunt in the band’s first music video. “I’ve always hated boredom. Sometimes I definitely bite off way more than I can chew...” She laughs, “…I mean, I don’t know, I guess I just love to do and experience whatever I can, even if it does mean that I am permanently sleep-deprived.”

As far as the skepticism regarding her choice of music, Scarlett is adamant on the subject. “So many people have asked me that question - ‘why?’. Of course I realize that I probably could’ve had a much easier time just doing what people wanted me to do… but the truth is, it wouldn’t have been easier because it just wasn’t me. This is what I want to be doing and this is who I am. There isn’t really an easier decision than deciding to be who you are – it’s the execution that’s sometimes pretty difficult… but it’s worth it.”