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This crazy and highly anticipated day is the OFFICIAL release date of ScarlettsWeb’s debut full-length album which features 14 Explosive Tracks on an Enhanced CD and a DVD of their music video for the single, “My Life” available for only $12!

ScarlettsWeb will be holding 2 RAFFLES at each Camplified Tour Date this Summer!

One raffle, sponsored by Scarlett Cosmetics, will offer the lucky winner a FREE MAKEOVER from Scarlett (lead singer for ScarlettsWeb) as well as a FREE GIFT BASKET filled with Scarlett Cosmetics’ products!

Another raffle, sponsored by Fender, will offer the lucky winner a FREE guitar lesson from Matt Hogan (lead guitarist for ScarlettsWeb) and will then get to play what he or she learned along with the ENTIRE band!

ScarlettsWeb is both relieved and SO excited to welcome the newest member of their band! Joining us on bass-guitar is the crazy, lovable, huggable OLIVER! We hope everyone will extend him a warm welcome – feel free to approach him at any show and say hello – he won’t bite…hard.

Production has officially begun on NEW ScarlettsWeb MERCH which will be available by Mid-July online, as well as at all ScarlettsWeb performances!

Items available for sale will include 2 different T-shirts, a ScarlettsWeb Hoodie, Generation Zero hats and wristbands, an awesome Ladies Style TankTop, stickers, band posters and, of course, THE ALBUM! Not only are our products cheaper than you will find them anywhere else (our Hoodies are only $20, compared to the regular prices of $25 to $35!), but we also took special care to make sure that ordering all of our products is both easy and secure. So check it out!

Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas for new Merch designs, feel free to email us at info@scarlettsweb.com!

ScarlettsWeb has been hard at work in the recording studio working on a few new songs! They will be performing at least one of these songs on tour this summer and will have these songs available for download soon exclusively on MySpace at www.myspace.com/ScarlettsWeb!

ScarlettsWeb is officially sponsored by Scarlett Cosmetics. By late June there will be a link added soon with information about how you can get discounts on this makeup line when you go through www.ScarlettsWeb.com.

This summer, on the Camplified Tour, Scarlett Cosmetics will be offering FREE gifts, valued at over $35, with the purchase of ScarlettsWeb’s album… that’s a total value of over $45 for ONLY $10!!!! This offer will ONLY be available at these shows so come on out and take advantage of it!

To learn more about the products which Scarlett Cosmetics has to offer visit www.scarlettcos.com!

ScarlettsWeb will be joining the Camplified Tour this Summer of 2006 during the months of July and August. See all tour dates to find out when we will be spinning our web in a town near you…
ScarlettsWeb | Tour Dates
Jul 3 2006 Camplified @ Warren Township, NJ
Jul 4 2006 Camplified @ Kintersville, PA
Jul 5 2006 Camplified @ Stroudsburg, PA
Jul 6 2006 Camplified @ Diamond Point, NY
Jul 8 2006 Camplified @ Green Lane, PA
Jul 10 2006 Camplified @ Canadensis, PA
Jul 11 2006 Camplified @ Columbus, NJ
Jul 12 2006 Camplified @ Haverford, PA
Jul 17 2006 Camplified @ Pomona, NY
Jul 18 2006 Camplified @ Penn Yan, NY
Jul 19 2006 Camplified @ Hancock, NY
Jul 20 2006 Camplified @ Honesdale, PA
Jul 21 2006 Camplified @ Thompson, PA
Jul 22 2006 Camplified @ Burlingham, NY
Jul 24 2006 Camplified @ Hopewell Junction, NY
Jul 25 2006 Camplified @ Preston Park, PA
Jul 26 2006 Camplified @ Bloomingburg, NY
Jul 27 2006 Camplified @ Amherst, MASS
Jul 29 2006 Camplified @ Belgrade, ME
Jul 30 2006 Camplified @ Belgrade, ME
Jul 31 2006 Camplified @ Winslow, ME
Aug 2 2006 Camplified @ Bellerose, NY
Aug 3 2006 Camplified @ Henryville, PA
Aug 4 2006 Camplified @ Millstone Township, NJ
Aug 5 2006 Camplified @ Swan Lake, NY
Aug 7 2006 Camplified @ Blue Bell, PA
Aug 10 2006 Camplified @ Freehold, NJ
Aug 13 2006 Camplified @ Barrington, MASS
Aug 14 2006 Camplified @ Ashton, CT
Aug 15 2006 Camplified @ Millville, PA
Aug 16 2006 Camplified @ Melville, NY
Aug 18 2006 Camplified @ Staten Island, NY